Celebrated Annual Day for the NIOS Girls

Women Development Centre Celebrated Annual Day for the NIOS Girls Students on 04 November

The Women Development Centre (WDC) Joypur, Kharghuli, celebrated its annual day for the girls’ students enrolled in the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) on 04 November 2023. The event was organized to felicitate the achievements and progress of the girls who have been pursuing their secondary and senior secondary education through the open and distance learning mode of NIOS.

The chief guest of the event was Ms. Babita Sharma, the social activist, who delivered an inspiring speech on the importance of inclusive and quality education for all, especially for women, girls, people with disability, persons from marginalized castes and learners in remote areas. She also highlighted the various features and benefits, such as flexibility, affordability, accessibility, diversity and innovation. She congratulated the WDC for its efforts in promoting gender sensitization and empowerment among the students and the society.

The event also included cultural performances by the NIOS girls’ students, such as songs, dances, skits and poems, showcasing their talents and creativity. The WDC also congratulated to the meritorious and outstanding students who have excelled in academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Miss Keniya Sangma, who expressed her gratitude to the chief guest, the guests of honour, the faculty members, the staff, the students and the parents for their participation and support.

The event was a success and a memorable occasion for the NIOS girls’ students, who felt motivated and encouraged to pursue their dreams and aspirations through education. The event also reflected the vision and mission of the WDC, which is to create a strong kernel of gender sensitization and to provide a platform for the holistic development of the girl’s students.

Celebrated Annual Day for the NIOS Girls
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