ERI & Muga Silk

Sustainable livelihood development of Tribal farmers/women through Plantation of ERI Work food Plant and Handloom/Handicrafts clusters of ERI & Muga Silk In Dhemaji District, Assam through MANOSUNIDAS.


General Information a) Project Title: Sustainable livelihood development of Tribal farmers/Migrants Returnees due to COVID 19, women through Plantation of ERI Work food Plant and Handloom/Handicrafts clusters of ERI & Muga Silk in Dhemaji District in Upper Assam

Brief Description of the Project The Covid-19 situation is creating fear, anxiety and panic among the Tribal communities in Assam, especially the Mising women who are taking care of their families in all disasters in Dhemaji District of upper Assam.. These groups already were facing disaster every year due to flood and migration. They lost agricultural land, other livestock which they depend for livelihood. Many youths migrated including women and men to the states Kerala, Bombay, Goa, Delhi, Bangalore, Rajasthan and Haryana. A few of them use to send a small amount to support families but COVID 19 pandemic has brought all darkness to their lives & made them more vulnerable than before. Earlier local young women were recruited in garment and textile industries. Now all were sent out of their states living no option for their daily bread. This project will support 500 direct beneficiaries especially women whom we have mentioned above will be mobilized, trained and in various skills with your support in raising Sericulture, Handloom & Handicrafts end to end solutions in giving alternative livelihoods to regain their losses with alternate & sustainable livelihood to support to live a dignified life. “These women will be freed from forced work in semi-bondage conditions and being exploited due to poor and hailing from rural areas, they are forced to be voiceless at their workplaces”, but now these women will have a voice and raise against violence & safe in them

Executive Summary

Sericulture is an exciting new activity that meets a satiated need for quality silk yarn to produce products with organic by default.  This project will ensure a steady flow of customers & start-up grower and weavers. is located in Dhemaji district in Machkhowa Block in Assam. The objectives are to develop a product-based company whose goal is to exceed customer’s expectations, increase production efficiency by 10% a year, and lastly, and develop a sustainable farm business, able to survive off their cash flow to lead the farmers & artisans in having sustainable livelihood.


Products will be made of ERI & Muga cocoon which are produced with worms. This will increase in production & expected to grow substantially through providing more raw materials to the market where the products will draw orders in the B2B events and boost production in B2C fairs.

Findings from the visits by the staffs are:-

  • Farmers are preparing the land for cultivation of the ERI & Som Plants.
  • Preparation of the hatching to lay eggs in their traditional ways by the farmer.
  • Saplings are getting ready to distribute to the farmers.
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