International Women’s Day celebreted

The Theme of the International Women’s Day: “DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for

Gender Equality.” #embraceEquity.



It was a wonderful day for our women in 4 slums and we celebrated it on 4th March. Though International Women’s day (IWDAY) celebrates on 8th March, we had to anticipate the day as one of the great festival of India HOLI came on 8th March. Approximately 250 people were present   It was a fabulous opportunity and platform to express women’s talents, ability, views, hidden ideas, creativities, and skills.

Bobbeeta Sharma, Noted Socio- cultural, She praised all the ones that showcase their talents; she loved the how all the participants are so enthusiastic. She has seen so many talents and she encouraged all the talented ones to pursue their talents. She also mentioned that if anyone is interested in acting then she can help them to learn.


  • Reeta Borbora, Renowned Advocate Guwahati High Court started by mentioning that we ladies are described as ‘Basundhara’ meaning the world we are like EARTH; it should be treated with love and respect .In reality   we treat the earth also with disrespect . We do not take care of our planet, we throw garbage, and we do not respect and do many more harmful things. Similarly, this is how we treat women  .She mentioned that as a lawyer she understands the purpose of law but having law or regulations is not enough, we must implement the laws.
  • Santanu Sarkar, Renowned Advocate Guwahati High Court spoke of the safety laws, especially the power of women in our constitution but not practiced. He focused was on Child Marriage. He mentioned not only the ones who married will be jailed but also the ones who attended the wedding. It is better to attend uninvited marriage then attending a child marriage.


  • Pabitra Kalita, President of Joypur Unnayan Samity and Social Activist

Mr. Pabitra Kalita, well wisher and collaborator of WDC greeted and wished all the ladies ‘A Very Happy Women’s Day’,and thanked WDC for taking initiative and educating and developing their talents   for    the school dropout and vulnerable girls for last 20 years.


  • Rohit Upadhya, Superintendent of Marwari Hospital also a benefactor has been associated with WDC for conducting health camp for WDC & of the slum dwellers with medical camps Rohit Upadhyay, Superintendent of Marwari Hospital.
  • Junumoni Deka, Counsellor of Kharguli praised Sr. Betsy for her motivating work  wasstrengthe

Sweeper to vehicle owner

Laxmi Basfor dreamt to purchase a two wheeler. After working with WDC she had some money. Much hope and dream she went to take a loan and purchase a two wheeler. The salesman enquired about her job and when she said that she is only a sweeper he refused to sanction a loan to a sweeper. Then she told the salesman that she is working with WDC as a community mobilizer. He asked the phone number of Sr. Betsy, Director of WDC. After few minutes she was informed that her loan is sanctioned. Immediately she contacted feeling proud to share her happiness. After being associated with WDC, people respect her and listen to her and now she has a vehicle for herself which shows real Women Empowerment.

WDC appreciating Laxmi Basfor for her success story.





                       Women from Solapara Harijan Colony performing dance on Holi.





                             Girl with one hand dancing on the celebration of Women’s Day





Domestic maid performs drama on Women Day Theme, ‘DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality.’








                           Young girls from Solapara performing dance on ‘Dholira’ song

International Women’s Day celebreted
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