Impart training in various trades WDC inaugurated

at village Moridirgha in North Lakhimpur District

Sister Betsy the Director Women Development Centre, Guwahati and Ms. Bhagyawati Bhuyan the Project Director, in presence of PRI members and village leaders  inaugurated different Skill Development trainings on dated 15th October 2020 at Moridirgha in WDC field office in Boginadi block, District North Lakhimpur, Assam. The programme is supported by Arise Foundation.

Speaking on the occasion, sister Betsy, said that there is a need  to start skill development especially for the women, youths and men belong to the Adivasi community through trainings  in trades like Handloom/Handicrafts, Tailoring, Mushroom cultivation, Basket Making, Food Processing unit in order to create  job opportunities for better livelihood in own areas and reduce migration to outside.  She also said that such program can become rehabilitation and reformation programme for their livelihood when youths return back home that were migrated and were once lost.

Mrs. Noymi Ganak the ASHA cum women leader of Moridirgha village said that the women along with the youths would be able to get jobs with the skills learned and start own enterprises in supporting families income.  Speaking on this occasion, Ms. Bhagyawati Bhuyan the Project Director said that these trainings selected will promote awareness among the youths, women and disadvantage groups like daily wage earners, migrant returnees to stand on their feet & get linked with Govt. schemes in giving them new opportunities.  She alos asked the PRI members to include youths to get trainings under soft skills in addition to training in respective trades that the trainees opted.

Shri Sanju the Programme Coordinator WDC, spoke on the mushroom trainings, tailoring & Handloom/Handicrafts & its advantages in getting markets. Time table with other trainings arrangements also was explained by him.

Shri Chnadrajit Pegu Project coordinator WDC, managed the days programme and concluded with a vote of thanks.

We are grateful to Arise Foundation for the generous contribution and continuous support in helping the needy in distress. May God bless abundantly and keep you all in good health.

Impart training in various trades WDC inaugurated

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