Women Development Centre


We envision a society where women are treated with respect and they have an equal right in decision making, governance, and access to the property.

To improve the living condition of women and children by taking care of their health, education, employment, and social status. We carry out this mission through research, community services, training and capacity building, and advocacy. Our volunteers, outreach workers, and staffs work continuously and selflessly in the remote areas to provide a timely helping hand.


TO CREATE:- Awareness in women and motivate them to improve their situation and to solve their problems in the family and in the village.

TO ENABLE:- The people to bring out their potentialities for productive work and self reliance through self-help groups and income generating activities.

TO PROMOTE:- Education for girl children by organizing free tuition classes and bawaldies in the village.

TO PROVIDE:- Training for women and equip them with basic social development skills and provide opportunities to work as development extension worker or staff of the local women’s training centre and women development organizations (NGOs) in North East India.

TO PREPARE:- Women leaders for each village with substantial training in Women Development and empowerment in turn can impart the leadership training skills to other in their villages in order to enhance leadership qualities and potentials in the family, the community and the society.

TO IMPART:- Training to women organizations on value education, home management, community organization, self-help and self reliance besides networking with them for their development and empowerment.

TO ASSIST:- And train the participants to integrate, mobilize and develop human resources and promote economic orientation through self respect and remunerative, self reliant development opportunities in order to enhance family and community development.

TO MAKE:-The people responsible in life and claim their rights for a just and happy living by understanding, practicing and promoting self-reliant development for the poor based on gender sensitive development process, thus enhancing possibilities and potential for corruption free social order based on equality and justice.

TO COLLABORATE:- With government and other secular organization to promote development of humanitarian activities.

TO IMPROVE:- The general and total heath of the participating people of the area through health education, guidance and promotion of herbal practices.

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